Fred Orosko Dias

Fred Orosko Dias

Software Developer | Engineer | Artist


I'm a software developer, currently working on freelance projects in Miami, Florida. My main job is to build the extensions (Magento 2) for clients, and sharing knowledge with the developer community. I've contributed to Magento Development Documents, Magento 2 core itself and related Magento extensions.

I'm skilled in many technologies in addition to e-commerce, and am able to provide wide expertise in building complex systems including machine learning, object detection, and computer vision.

I own multiple provisional patents in automotive and warfare areas.

My hobbies are mostly art (making music as Nesoe, drawing, crafting, and acting), motorcycles, reading books, and vinyl records collecting.

Also, I have a degree in Industrial Automation (certified engineer/solution-specialist). Want to talk? Get in touch!


Miami, FL
United States of America